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Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

The Golden Rum Barrel Awards 2010

The Golden Rum Barrel Awards will be a new and revolutionary way to determine not only a worthy rum, but a modern classic. Even more ground breaking, is that the competition will be the most definitive of its kind in the world, as well as being one of the only tasting events that does not charge brands to enter. In fact, if a brand makes and sells rum worldwide, then you are in the competition.

Until now, there has been no internationally recognised award for the efforts of the many rum brands that have been first fermented, distilled, aged and blended to a level where even the angels themselves declared that their share of sugar-cane spirit must be more than they take from a fine Cognac or single malt scotch.

This award will be given to rums from various rum categories as nominated by an academy of rum experts and journalists from all over the world. Each rum aficionado will nominate their favourite or the most exciting rum within a chosen category. Once the voting period is over all of the judges results will be compiled and put together. The top FIVE rums from each category will then be announced to the world media as nominees for a Golden Rum Barrel Award. They will then be judged by an international panel of Rum Experts in London. The winners from each category will be announced at The Golden Rum Barrel Awards and Dinner this October.

There will also be recognition for those who work tirelessly within the rum industry spreading the gospel of according to rum such as The UK Rum Ambassador of the year and Global Rum Ambassador of the year awards.

And for the very first time there will be the Champions of Champions Rum Cocktail competition which will pit all of the UK’s rum cocktails winners against each other in a consumer tasting competition.

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